“Shopping the world for you” a well thought up and relatable slogan meant to share our passion for finding the highest quality products to offer St Lucians. Our team is comprised of 110 outstanding employees and led by our fair, strong and knowledgeable
Managing Director, Ms. Cheryl Renwick.


We take pride in the culture and environment we provide for our employees so that they, in turn, will take pride in their work at Renwick & Company.

Who We Are

Renwick & Company represents over one hundred (100) suppliers of products from all over the world, hence the slogan ‘shopping the world for you’. All divisions distribute internationally branded products and the Company’s emphasis is on impeccable customer service to ensure long term customer relationships. It is this commitment to excellence which fuels the company’s growth.


  • To provide our Customers with high quality products and superlative service; increasing brand awareness and market share for our Suppliers while generating a fair return on our Shareholders’ investment.


    • Fairness
    • Accountability and Responsibility
    • Integrity
    • Reliability in Service
    • Excellence
    • Respect

Latest News

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Our Divisions


Food, Consumer and Household

Furniture, Construction & Paper

Garden Center

Liquor, Beverage and Snacks


Retail store