2025  VISION

A customer centric, technology driven and performance focused employer of choice;   a model corporate citizen and the leading Distributor in St Lucia.


To provide our Customers with high quality products and superlative service; increasing brand awareness and market share for our Suppliers while   generating a fair return on our Shareholders investment



 This slogan guides our strategy that is focused on sourcing and distributing quality products that create value for customers, without compromising our standards. We support diversity through our line of products, the majority of which are imported. These brands come from Barbados, Trinidad, Curacao, United States of America, Colombia, Panama, Turkey and Italy among others.  


Executive Management Team

The vibrant Executive Management team is headed by Managing Director & major shareholder, Cheryl Renwick and includes Rhian Rivers - Operations Manager, Financial Controller - Michaelangelo Andrew, Samara Aurelien - Human Resources Manager and Shanelle McVane - Sales & Marketing Manager.

Management Team  

The senior management team includes six divisional managers and a team of middle management.  

The Sales & Marketing Division is structured with seven (7) different divisions which handle non competing and competing products.  Some divisions are specialized - Cement, Pharmaceuticals, Garden Centre, Construction and Office Furniture while others manage a range of consumer products including toiletries, food, household, liquor and beverage items.  There are key accounts and van sales reps and merchandizers who service our customers island wide.  We are proud of our successful distribution service and the success we have had in taking a brand and making it a household name.

Cheryl Renwick

Managing Director

Email: cheryl.renwick@renwickstlucia.com

Tel: #455 8000/5, #484 3505

Michaelangelo Andrew

Financial Controller

Email: michaelangelo.andrew@renwickstlucia.com

Tel: #455 8000/6, #285 5211

Shanelle McVane Fulgence

Sales & Marketing Manager

Email: shanelle.mcvane@renwickstlucia.com

Tel: #455 8000/7, #488 9096

Rhian Rivers

Operations Manager

Email: rhian.rivers@renwickstlucia.com

Tel: #455 8000/4, #484 9440

Samara Aurelien

Human Resources Manager

Email: samara.aurelien@renwickstlucia.com

Tel: #455 8000/21, #285 1199

Melissa Rivers

Divisional Manager - Mixed Goods

Email: melissa.rivers@renwickstlucia.com

Tel: #455 8000/09


Dominique Rivers

Divisional Manager - Cement

Email: dominique.rivers@renwickstlucia.com

Tel: #455 8000/25

Virgil Paul

Divisional Manager - Pharmaceuticals

Email: virgil.paul@renwickstlucia.com

Tel: #455 8000/12


Kiva Charles

Divisional Manager - Liquor, Beverage & Snacks

Email: kiva.charles@renwickstlucia.com

Tel: #455 8000/24

Noah Blondell

Divisional Manager - Garden Centre

Email: noah.blondell@renwickstlucia.com

Tel: #455 8000/41


Ashall Paul

Finance Manager

Email: ashall.paul@renwickstlucia.com

Tel: #455 8000/62

We believe in leading by example and are proud of the following areas that we stand out in:-

  • We are the only Distributor with a complete branch in Vieux Fort therefore providing islandwide distribution for all suppliers we represent
  • We are the most diversified Distribution Company
  • We are the only Distributor open to the public on Saturdays
  • To minimize the inconvenience to our Customers and to provide uninterrupted service throughout the year, we no longer close our business for annual stock taking. This process as approved by our Auditors is carried on throughout the year

Management’s pioneering spirit has developed the business’ unique position as:

  • the only distributor with a complete branch in Vieux Fort for wide scale distribution of suppliers’ brands
  • the most diversified distribution company
  • the only distributor open to the public on Saturdays

As part of enhancing the positive customer experience, our auditors have approved the process of making annual stock-taking possible throughout the year, without closing business hours to do so.

The company’s evolution since it expanded its range of quality imported products has earned it several foreign and domestic awards. Its local accolades include Best Commercial House (1997), Most Active Member (1998 & 2005) and Distributor of the Year (2002, 2004, 2005 & 2007).

By zoning the island into three divisions, we are able to ensure efficient island-wide coverage for consistent and timely distribution of our products.

  • Zone A, North: Castries and environs
  • Zone B, South: Micoud to Vieux Fort. Also covers the West to Soufriere, serviced by our Vieux Fort Branch
  • Zone C, Central: Monchy and environs. Also covers the East to Dennery and West towards Marigot, Anse La Raye and Canaries

Even as the Company diversified, the trade of agricultural supplies has remained a constant with the business.  Several years ago a decision was taken to brand the agriculture retail shops.   The Garden Centre, as the agricultural division is now called has its own logo and slogan.

The Garden Centre has two branches. One at the main Corporate offices at Vide Boutielle and the other is located at the Vieux Fort branch.  The shops offer products and services to a wide cross section of clientele ranging from farmers to the backyard gardening enthusiast.  The division also boasts the full time services of a qualified agronomist who advises farmers in the field island wide as well as advises the customers visiting our two branches.

For over thirty years Renwick & Co Ltd has partnered with the Argos cement brand to make a significant contribution to the infrastructure of St Lucia.  For many of those years there has been an attempt to establish a cement terminal to stablise the supply of cement in our market.  The Company continues to make other construction product readily available  whether the project is a large or small one.

Renwick & Co Ltd is the only local distribution company with a fully operational branch in the south of the island as of 2004.  The branch operates with a twenty plus staff team including sales reps and merchandizers.  The branch offers all the products and services available at the main branch in Castries.  The Company recognizes that expansion to the branch will have a significant impact on our ability to provide quality service to our customers island wide.

The company has three warehouses from which we provide an island-wide delivery service. The main warehouse adjoining our administrative offices is conveniently located at Vide Bouteille. It consists of 12,800 square feet of fully-racked storage and includes an air conditioned pharmaceutical storeroom, an air conditioned liquor bond, a cool room of 765 square feet and 600 square feet of chemical storage.  Construction supplies warehousing.                                                                                                   

The Company had the opportunity to purchase the land and warehousing on the property adjoining our main offices.  We relocated from a rented warehouse space to a completly racked warehouse to store our construction and office furniture inventory.  The space also included over 1,000sq feet of retail space where we now house our Touche retail outlet.  The building also includes over 3,000 sq ft of office space and a training room.  The Vieux Fort Branch warehouse. This is completely racked and covers over 6,000 sq ft of storage including a liquor bond.  The branch is now receiving container loads of product for its own zone instead of relying totally on transfers from the main warehouse.

Distribution companies need to be innovative in finding ways to support their marketing people. Creativity is encouraged within the marketing department, with each division responsible for submitting marketing plans for each of the brands within their division. Sales reps and Merchandizers are often included in brainstorming sessions to determine the best activities which will create brand awareness and increase sales. Merchandizers are trained to ensure that the brand needs are met in the trade. Brands are able to ‘piggyback’ on each other to leverage major brand coverage in different activities.

Our northern/main zone of the island which is serviced by our key account sales reps has a twenty four (24) hour delivery service by our delivery fleet which includes trucks and panel vans.  The central zone is serviced by van sales (down trade) reps and supported by our delivery fleet which they obtain large orders.  While our Vieux Fort branch is serviced by van sales (down trade) reps and a delivery van.

Over the years, the Company has supported the St Lucia Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture but is especially happy to have done so through the working groups organized by the Chamber. This has allowed the Company to encourage different team members to participate and make their own contribution to the projects they are involved in. Currently we have different team members on the Board, on the membership & finance working group, the Junior Achievement Programme board and the HR group.  For several years the Company has supported the international youth programme - the Junior Achievement Programme by sponsoring two secondary school Company programmes - one in Castries and on in the south of the island.  

 Additionally we have supported and participated in Chamber programmes focused on 'on the job training and career talks as it is seen as an opportunity to develop you adults getting ready to enter the 'world of work'.